Motion Graphics for everyone

Otion is a web-based motion graphics editor with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

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Functional, minimal, fast

Otion's clean interface enables even beginners to be productive in little time.

Fully cloud based

Otion is fully web-based. This has some significant advantages that no other motion-graphics software currently addresses.

Never forget to save your file again
We auto-save your files in real time and allow you to go back to every past version.
All your assets in one place
Add your assets to our online asset management library and access them in any future project, from any laptop, computer or phone.

Built for creatives

Otion enables individual to move faster than ever before.

Easy export
Need a quick gif for twitter? A longer explainer for product hunt? We allow you to export into as many formats as you need at the same time.
Modern UI
We design for optimal productivity. This means it's ideal for both beginners and power-users.

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